How To Care and Clean Components Computers / Laptops True

Tips on How to Care and Clean Components of the Computer or Laptop Computer From Dust and Dirt properly and well

Technology news – Tips on How to Care and Clean Components CPU / Laptop From Dust and Dirt correctly and well – Having a laptop not only used it, but we also have to be smart and diligent care. A judi bola computer that is often treated even if it is cleaned from dust, it is very useful for the laptop itself. If the laptop has never been treated, of course, the age of the computer is getting shorter, and vice versa.

If the computer is often treated even from dirt and dust, this can extend the life of the computer and you can use it longer. Long-lived computers not only from the brand, specification and also the price of the laptop. However, computer maintenance also determines the age of the computer.

Cleaning the computer of course clean the components on the device. One of the components on the computer to be treated is the CPU. The existence of this CPU is very important so do not be lazy to take care of it. When the CPU is dirty and a lot of dust is attached to this component, then you can not work with the computer to its full potential.

In fact, if the CPU is already full of dust, the CPU can die spontaneously. Dust and dirt embedded inside the CPU can cause CPU Components on computers and laptops to overheat and eventually die on its own. To clean the CPU itself is rather complicated, the article is quite a lot of components contained on the CPU that you need to clean.

Here are some ways to clean computer and Laptop components from dirt and dust properly and correctly:

1. The first stage is to remove the existing cable on the CPU such as power cable, mouse cable, printer, monitor and other cables connected to the CPU.
2. After that, open the CPU casing, then remove all the components inside. Some components that must be removed on the CPU when cleaned include Power Suplay, RAM, VGA Card, ROM, hard drive and floppy. If you have never released some of the components associated with the CPU, you can ask for help from those who are already experts. Moreover, to remove the heatsink, this is quite complicated so the best way is to ask for the help of those who are experienced.
3. Once the heatsink is removed, you can release the processor and motherboard, but you have to be careful removing it.
4. To clean the parts of the CPU, prepare some equipment such as a small brush and blower. Avoid using liquid cleaners to clean the components of the CPU.
5. Use a small brush to clean the dust on Power Supply, Floppy and ROM
6. Clean the legs VGA and RAM from dust, To clean the heatsink, use a small brush then use the blower to make it cleaner
7. Cleaning the processor can with a small brush, carefully cleaned the processor is not scratched.
8. Clean the motherboard and other parts with a small brush to completely clean.
9. After all components are cleaned, then attach some components back to normal. Installation of cleaned CPU components must be precise, if not appropriate, certainly the computer performance will not be maximized. Or even the computer may have problems due to incorrect installation of CPU components.

Having a computer, laptop or other gadgets should be maintained and taken care of properly. The better the treatment the more durable the item. Similar to us, if we do not take care of the body properly then we can be more susceptible to disease.

CPU becomes a very important part of Laptop, maintenance of computer components and laptops are right and regular can make better performance and computer can be used longer.